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A “FUW” is a Fat Ugly Woman (usually short in stature ) that wants attention any way they can get it, so they tell other people to make fun of the pretty, tall, skinny women.
They go around saying that if you are pretty you can’t be proud of it because it makes you a conceited bitch and that you are ugly on the inside!

FUW’s tell pretty girls they need to “dull their shine” so that they actually look like the bright ones!

FUW’s are actually the ugly ones all the way around but they pull the sympathy card or pity pass saying how they are ugly and overweight; no one is nice to them & that they are bullied which gets them the attention they seek. FUW’s are actually THE BULLY!

They tend to be the loudest women in the room & are constantly complaining about the fact that they aren’t attractive like it’s something they’re entitled to.

FUW’s tend to try to break down the prettier girls in front of other people to try to make it seem like they are dominant (usually due to their own insecurities or the fact that they are intimidated). They need to do this to stand out because they can’t do it any other way.

FUW’s don’t realize they WOULDN’T BE FUW’s if they just stopped taking out their insecurities on the prettier, skinnier, taller women & focused more on OWNING WHO THEY ARE!
Sheba is so smart! Why is she acting like a FUW? She needs to learn to work with what she’s got!

Freyda is a FUW. I don’t like to hang around her because she is miserable and annoying. She needs to get over herself!

Kim yells & barks like a pit bull when she gets in a group of younger, prettier women. She doesn’t know she wouldn’t be a FUW if she just stopped worrying about the other women and owned what she has!
by WickedHellamean November 06, 2018
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This abbreviation means, "Fucked Up World."

I can't think of anything else to say, it's pretty self-explanatory.
Trump was elected president, fuw.
by darkcreep1245 January 24, 2017
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Abb. Fat Ugly Whore

One who is not only fat but also ugly, however enjoys sharing this grotesque body with others.
Lucy Williams
Katie Johnson
Emma Johnson

"Look at that FUW, she cant even bend over to put her stilletoes on."
by Katie Johnson February 16, 2005
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