A clever abbreviation for a fat/ugly chick that you only have sex with when extremely desperate or too drunk to care.
No wonder you're not being satisfied in bed dude... you keep fucking F.U.Cs, you need to bang broads you're actually attracted to.
by Crze August 12, 2008
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a group of dudes who do (things)
theme is "Slob on my Knob"
if you hear it
get yourself ready!!
anyone can join
FUC uh oh
Run slob on my knob is playing
by gogoman January 16, 2008
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1. A gay douche bag Canadain
2. Literally standing for "Fuk Yu Canadian" Such as the way the Japanese say when they want to kill all of the Whales and Dolphins in one of the newer episodes of South Park
Pronounced "Fook"
"Hey look at that fuc over there, what a waste of life."
by Double Dees November 08, 2009
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A word that really has a meaning, but people refuse to say it has a meaning, because the orginial defintion had swear words in it.
No W4y Out is a fuc.
by MonkRX May 18, 2004
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when you dont want to say fuck but you still want to get the point across. also used for emphasis.
Straight guy: "did you see that bitches ass last night?"

Straight guy: "hell yea...she was fat as fuc!"
by memeslute November 05, 2016
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