the act of being ridiculously, out of this world wack to the point where its despicable and demeaning.
Can you stop being fub?
by hipntrendster July 14, 2016
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Something that is impressive, but when someone rejects how impressive it is they are attacked via social media and cancelling.
Person A: "Ey, That's Fub man"
Person B: "It's a drawing dude, it's not that impressive"
Person A and C: "So you have chosen, death..."
by Emerson Jydestein February 03, 2021
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A Finger Up the Butt
It feels great whilst having sex, also a way of manually evacuating poo from your anus
'Could you FUB me please as I feel constipated'

'I love a good FUB'
'FUBBING for me is a great pleasure'
'Please FUB me again, I love it'
by Joe FUBMIESTER Munns January 01, 2021
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Freedom Unit Bullshit. The opposite of metric. Also called Imperial or English.
You get less torque on a smaller wheel. Or, in FUB, once you transfer the three and nineteen twenty-thirds elbows into rotational hand-pounds, you end up with three and seven thirty-seconds wrists.
by loin_chopper June 13, 2019
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