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(Fat Upper Arm Theory) The fat that remains on the rear of a womans upper arm after she sheds a lot of weight to get a man. This will result in a severe weight gain once a ring is introduced.
Stay away from that one, she's got some serious FUAT .
by CHAZ34 April 02, 2008
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A generous, fun, amazing, stong and loyal person who dedicates not only their time but also their heart into helping those who are close to them. A general all round great guy, who can brighten even the darkest of days. To know a Fuat is to know home.
by -gul- November 05, 2013
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Gay cypriots who actually have no life and are considered to be a waste of oxygen. Usaully found residing in surrey pretending to be a student at uni but not actually doin anything.

Caution is advised when introducing a Fuat to your best friend girl or guy as they may just try and well you know...
mate wtf stop being a Fuat would ya it aint right
by blacdize February 25, 2009
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