When someone hasnt got anyone to sex, they go && sex the wall.
Person 1: Hey guess what? this is hilarious
Person 2: ok ? what?
Person 1: My bro went && ftw.
Person 2: did he win?
Person 1: eh?
Person 2: You said he went ftw.
Person 1: Yeah....? it was really funny, he didnt know we were there HAHA
Person 2: Why would it be funny?
Person 1: uh well not something you do everyday.
Person 2: it is
Person 1: oh get lost.

Person 1 signed off at 7:57pm
by HelloImNice February 29, 2008
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An expression, normally expressed over IM or text messages, but more awesomely said in conversation which means "fix the window."
"Dude, I just got a sweet haircut!"

"Dude, sweet haircuts FTW!"
by Window-Fixer Ftw August 19, 2008
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Means For the Wenis. Usually used by gay impersonaters of William Wallace.
Instead of yelling "Freedom!" to troops, one would yell "FTW!", and get trampled by a homosexual mob.
by Stratiotis June 06, 2005
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