A flight simulation forum plagued by noobs and trolls.
FSW is the home to many annoying trolls.
by azawaq October 26, 2009
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Also known as Flight Sim World.

A Flight Simulation forum of trolls, idiots, and annoying Mac fanboys. Some users are still legit.
I was browsing FSW yesterday. What's up with all the Mac desktop crap?
by Independence76 October 26, 2009
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Short for F*ck Scott Walker, the Milwaukee County Executive running for governor in Wisconsin. People often text their friends "FSW" when the bus is running late or broken down due to lack of funding for the Milwaukee County Transit System which Scott Walker has a large role in funding (or not funding).
It's 3 degrees out and the bus is 20 minutes late...FSW.
by George 9999 February 01, 2010
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Acronym derived in the DDSM (Dirrty Dirrty South Michigan) for FUCK SOME WHORES
What we gonna do tonight boys? FSW!
by Etter October 18, 2006
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it stands for “fuck sea world”... yeah that’s about it:)
girl :“oh my god! fsw!”

boy:”yeah!!!! FSW
by rp6440 January 16, 2019
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FSW = Fuck, Shit, What

Often used as an alternative to WTF or WTAF and adds more emphasis for an even more of a dramatic response
Friend - something really bad happened
Friend 2 - OMG, FSW??!!
by EmilyLomas1987 January 12, 2020
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