A phrase that transgender people use in voice training in order to stabilise resonance (R1) after finding the correct one. The phrase is created by Zhea aka Z from TransVoiceLessons and is popular in the trans voice training community, and widely known in the lgbt+ community in general.
Z (raising her R1 with voiceless 'h' sounds): Hhh... hhh... hhhh... hhhhhaa, heat from fire, fire from heat. Okay, cool. Now I'm using that resonance.
by Ms Moongirl September 10, 2021
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When a bitch looks hot from a distance . . . but as she gets closer . . . you realize that she's nasty
That bitch was good from far . . . but far from good
by MOSSDOGG April 4, 2003
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Any person (especially a woman) who, from a distance, looks like they are worthy of a portion but upon closer inspection is revealed to be a right swamp-hog. A BOBFOC

Also abbreviated to NFFFFN
Person #1: "Phwooarr! Look at the arse on that sort! I'd give her one.... EURGH! She's got a face like a box of spanners!"

Person #2: "Ha ha! I told you her face was rough. She's nice from far, far from nice "
by 7Kev7 October 5, 2007
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looks good from far away, but far from good up close
You see a girl down the street that looks good from far, but she gets close and she is far from good and makes you wanna hurl. "Dude look at that chick across the party. Wait here she comes.(puking noises)Dude she was good from far, far from good.(more puking sounds)."
by Matthew Wegenke October 1, 2006
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The line that is used when someone is from the Ukraine and you ask them if they are from Russia. They usually will be very rude to you when saying this and will have no remorse. If you are educated in history, you will know that the Ukraine has simultaneously been a part of Russia on and off again, even prior to the USSR, so don't bother asking them what the difference is, they will just yell at you, in public.
Person 1 "I love your accent, are you from Russia?"
Person 2"I'm not from Russia, I'm from the UKRAINE!"*yelling with furry*
Person 1"Okay, okay. Still the same thing though."
by KatilinaFeva September 26, 2011
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When scoping a hot chick from a far distance, then as she gets closer you and your buddy realize she is hideous.
Damn dude check that chick over there, she coming this way. Dude! She's hideous, definitely "better from far, far from better" up close....
by donjuandemarco December 23, 2009
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A way to refer to folks who have indigenous roots in an area.
listening to Redbone, Come and Get Your Love: "I think these guys are from California... but like FROM from California."
by JackrabbitMoon July 1, 2021
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