Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. In information studies and related fields, FRBR (pronounced Fur-bur) refers to basic informational standards required to produce efficiency and accuracy during record retrieval in electronic catalogs. A catalog is said to be "FRBRized" when a search for an item produces all or most records for that item, regardless of edition and sometimes format. For instance, a search for The Stand by Stephen King in a FRBRized catalog produces a single entry for the work, rather than dozens of catalog entries for the different editions, audiobooks, etc.

Incidentally, the urbandictionary appears to be somewhat FRBRized as the alphabetic scroll along the left-hand side has a single link to produce myriad definitions for some terms.
Player 1: Is this a FRBR catalog?
Player 2: What about fur burgers?
Player 1: No, fur-bur, Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.
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For Rednecks By Rednecks

A clothing and merchandise line for all your redneck needs. T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc. that have the FRBR logo, typically with the rebel flag. People who wear this stuff want to show off their redneck side. Usually worn at country events and things like the county fair.
Jim: Hey, what are you wearing to the fair tonight?

His Friend: Oh just my FRBR t-shirt!
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fucked-up retard(ed) beyond repair (definition 2010)

1. horrible, stupid situation or point in your life.

2. substitution for gay/homo in the stupid sense of the word

*note* this can be used in txtng and out loud without sounding like a complete douche bag so don't worry.
dude! did you see that lime green raunchy track suit she had on? tht was sooo fbr.

Dave: haha did u see jeff today?
Tommy: yeah, trying to play the violin for the oil spill so it'd stop flowing. sooting the "savage beach".
Dave: dude, hes such a frbr

(copyright nottageCottage productions 2010)
by nottageCottage May 16, 2010
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