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Friend Over IP. Refers to friends you know on the internet, as opposed to friends you know in real life. A clever play on the term VOIP, because I'm oh so hilarious.
Johnny: Have you ever hung out with soccerchik14?
Michael: No, she's just a FOIP.
by pc_michael July 07, 2006
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Find Out In Play, a LARP and RPG term for a piece of knowledge, information or data that they aren't going to tell you OOC because you're going to have to learn it IC.
A: "So how did your character die?"
B: "Sorry, but that's FOIP.
by Aquarion September 12, 2007
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Foip is an acronym that stands for: Failure Of Initial Purpose. Foip describes a product, organization, tool or item that, despite its promise of great performance, does not execute it's primary function correctly. Foip is particularly useful when such item is costly, highly decorated or is held in high esteem.
He said, "My $10,000 Rolex runs 10 minutes slow." She said, "Foip!"
by NativeSonSF March 16, 2010
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farting on the speaker of a phone so that the other person on the line can hear it
hold on dude some one is calling,...............FOIP, ahh did u hear that i just foiped!
by thesis January 14, 2008
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