3 definitions by pc_michael

Friend Over IP. Refers to friends you know on the internet, as opposed to friends you know in real life. A clever play on the term VOIP, because I'm oh so hilarious.
Johnny: Have you ever hung out with soccerchik14?
Michael: No, she's just a FOIP.
by pc_michael July 7, 2006
The way idiots and southerners write iPod.
i gotz muh i-pod n then i made luv on muh sistah lolz.
by pc_michael July 17, 2006
When poon goes bad. There's poon, and then there's pon't.
Michael: Wow look at that. She may be a bitch, but I'd like a sampling of her poon.
Johnny: No man, that's not poon. That's pon't.
by pc_michael July 10, 2006