A term given to a team who leaves the point/payload in a competitive game of Overwatch, resulting in the other team winning by default.
Oh, what. LOL. C9!
by renoz August 29, 2017
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A term used in the game Overwatch describing the situation when a team leaves the point/payload in overtime, resulting in the other team winning by default.

The term originates from the pro team Cloud9 that accidentally stops contesting the point for several rounds vs. Afreeca Freecs Blue in season 2 Apex. This incident happened for the very first time on Lijang tower when Cloud9 won the fight in overtime but simply did not contest the point and therefore gave their opponents a free win.

A true C9 is when the point or payload is left in overtime in a winnable round. (Winnable being the keyword).

Sometimes wrongfully called "Z9".
- C9 LOL
- LUL nice c9!
- z9
- Z9!!
- NO! It's not "Z9", it's C9, and that wasn't even a f*cking C9.
by floof_ow February 5, 2018
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A term used in the video game Overwatch, to describe when a team wins a critical fight at the end of a round, but still loses said round. This is either due to the team leaving the objective before they've fully captured it, resulting in overtime to run out, or forgetting to touch the objective at all, meaning that overtime was never triggered.

The term was coined during the 2nd Season of the Overwatch Apex tournament, when the eSports team Cloud9 repeatedly made this mistake in their match against Afreeca Freaks Blue.

Following this, "C9" was often spammed in-game and in Twitch chats by people who didn't understand what it actually meant, and the term is now often deliberately spammed in Twitch Chats at the end of each round (even when no C9 actually occurred)
That wasn't a C9!!!
What?! I swear I touched the point!!!
by BirdAin'tTheWord March 2, 2018
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What you say four times in a row when an Overwatch match ends
Mjshadow: C9
Mjshadow: C9
Mjshadow: C9
Mjshadow: C9
by Lowennn December 26, 2019
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C9 LMG (Light Machine Gun), or C9A1, is the Canadian equivalent to the M249 SAW, with a few differences. It has no heat shield, a different butt with a butt grip, and the carrying handle is slightly different. It also has a picatinny rail mount with a 3.4x Optical sight on top. It is used as a section support weapon, there are two assigned per section.
Always perform a safety precaution on your C9 before you field strip it!!
by Brendan September 19, 2004
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A C9, in Overwatch, is when a team are all alive and forget to get on the payload/control point. It is easily mistaken for a Z9 where half or more than half of the team are dead and they forget to get on the point.

Was started from the Overwatch Contenders team Cloud Nine forgot to get on the control point in Lijang Tower.
*10 seconds left in the game.*
Overwatch Announcer(s): Will they get on the point?
*Game is over, nobody got on the point.*
Chat: C9!
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When someone in a video game carries your team by standing near the payload and pushing it near the end.
Player that carries: Ok guys! Im doin it
Enemy Team: C9! C9! they C9 this thing.
by Tracerhere October 6, 2018
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