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An extremely useful portmanteau word containing vitamins for your spirit and crunchiness for your ears. This word provides an irreplaceable exact rhyme for testicle, which any poet knows comes up frequently in the classiest verse.
This is one of a collection of words coined by the ineffable Freddy Bendell during his misspent and callipygous childhood. Others in the series include fluterus, schmidneys, blasshole, flenis, and flotum.
Please, your ladyship, get your hands off my flesticle.

I'm sorry, Monica, but, as President, I cannot allow you to play fast and loose with my flesticle.
by Trudy Steger September 09, 2007
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Used to describe the testicle under conditions when you are reluctant to use the actual term. Also used to encourage someone else to say "testicle" when you don't really want to say it yourself.
Hey, I'm writing a new song, but i'm stuck on the third verse, what rhymes with flesticle?
by Merrilll June 22, 2007
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