Acronym for Future Lower Back Problems. This phrase is used primarily by the photo blog & generally awesome website, the Chive to describe a woman with large breasts who may or may not suffer from lower back problems now or in the future due to the size of her breasts.
Wow. She's gonna have FLBP in a few years. Damn!
by pete_the_skeet April 18, 2011
Acronym for Future Lower Back Problems. This term is used to describe an overall small girl with big tits.
That girl is a definite risk for FLBP.
by me_gh May 5, 2011
Future lower back problems. A picture gallery of awesomness frequently featured on The Chive.
Did you see #34 in the FLBP today?
by ChiverSteve April 26, 2011
future lower back problems (
She is about to have FLBP.
by theoraclefool May 2, 2011
Future Lower Back Problems AKA Huge breasteses
Only 18 and already blessed with FLBP.
by DOOM2350 April 29, 2011
Future Lower Back Problems Chicks with Tits so enormous they will have future lower back problems. Made popular by the Chive. (google it)
Hey, did you see that chicks boobs, she will definitely have future lower back problems(FLBP).
by C_Max April 25, 2011
(F)uture (L)ower (B)ack (P)roblems.

Used when a lady has a big rack, thus ensuring FLBP.
We have a FLBP canidate right here!
by SchmaddaKid April 25, 2011