A vaginal infection, especially ones with a fishy odor
I wouldnt mess with that chic if I were you, I heard she has a FISH PUSSY.
by Roberto Boberto June 30, 2006
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Someone with a pussy that resembles the smell of a fish. You go down on it, and your nose hair burns. DAMN THAT SHIT SMELLS BAD. You get a boner and then you notice the stench and the weiner goes all floppy.
"damn Ashley had some fish pussy, I couldn't even finish"
by GetIt89912 March 16, 2015
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The act of searching potential and voluntary sexual encounters, particularly during social gatherings such as prompt dances, parties, bars, clubs or even church.
Dude, do you have some cologne? There's a party at Jame's.

The cheerleaders are coming too. It's pussy fishing time!
by Florian the Pretorian June 29, 2009
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when a woman uses her body and especially her pussy to get something she wants that is of a nonsexual nature.
almost every woman knows how to pussy fish to one extent or another.
she's just pussy fishing.
by Deep blue 2012 August 28, 2009
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When someone is at a party and they refuse to drink and the pussy fish crew of women come up and party boy them, and rub themselves all over the said pussy fish.
Jesus Breanna, stop being such a pussy fish and drop that shot already!
by Kylie P July 02, 2008
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