A way of expressing an even more epic fail. The misspelling serves to exemplify the great magnitude of fail that the person is commenting on. Must be in all caps.
First person: Man, I just walked into my glass patio door thinking it was open and smashed it.
Second person: haha FIAL.
by pR0Ps January 22, 2010
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Floating in air laughing

Similar to ROFL except your flying.
The movie was so funny I started to FIAL and had to be removed from the ceiling.
by Baron S. June 27, 2009
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The epitome of fail. Fail is used on the internet as an expression of disapproval, so failing to type fail correctly will often lead to subsequent ridicule and derision.
jim:You lost to an 8 year old on Halo? FIAL!
everyone else in the chat room: HA HA HA XD etc etc
by Lucothefish March 19, 2008
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A common term used by the Failblog community to express "Fail" after a stopsign had accidently been spelt "SOTP."
Stopsign: SOTP
Failblog User: You FIAL!
by WTFZORS? March 02, 2009
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A misspelling of fail, where you automatically fail at life if you say or write it while intending to say fail. Also, commonly used in FAIL pictures that are of something horribly misspelled.
"That sign says shcool, thats a total FIAL!"
by Zach "RIOS" Thompson January 26, 2009
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When somebody types Epic Fail but fails at it...
Bob: That was an epic fial.
Jim: ^No that was an epic fail.
by Severe Glory May 14, 2009
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