The one thread on the Facebook group Honest Travs Virtual Dive bar for singles where you can post your sexy selfie with the hope of getting laid. Creepy and extremely thirsty comments from females are not only acceptable, they are encouraged.
Karen: I posted a selfie on fhf and now I have 100 friend requests and a bunch of dick pics in my inbox
Beth: you should start an onlyfans
by Dripflair December 19, 2020
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FHF is a gang in Cumberland county.It stand for Fuck his/her feelings.
its a gang of boys & girls who are cheaters.
1:Its fhf fuck her
2:you know what it is fuck her feelings
3:Fhf i played her
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aka Fuck Hard Friday. The weekly thread posted at 5pm on the Facebook group Honest Travs where you can post a pg or risqué selfie with the hopes of finding a forever other half or getting laid. Creepy and extremely thirsty comments from females are acceptable and encouraged.
It’s FHF and I’m no weatherman but you can expect 3-4 inches tonight
by Dripflair January 21, 2022
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FHF stands for Fag Hag Forever, like BFF.
Maggie and I are FHFs.
by Faggy11 November 7, 2008
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the best blooket player ever way better than trashpanda and ten times better than shrek
"omg fhf won AGAIN"
trashpanda "ugh mf gr stabby stabby UwU ew agghhhhhh"
by fhf=best March 30, 2022
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every friday, the one person in your circle of friends who you pick on all the time about being gay is designated to give "free head" on fridays.
Its friday! Lets all go to Boo Boo's Head Shack and get some FHF (Free Head Friday)
by FHF Special May 19, 2009
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Operation FHF is a way to get back at your ex FHF Standing for Fuck Her Friend
by Skipmonth January 30, 2022
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