Final Fantasy Chat an AOL chatroom that started back in late 2001, and is now slowly dying due to the acquisition of LIVES by its inhabitants. the owners are usually retarded and ban people based on an even more dickshit naming convention and have helped add to the agonizing death it is suffering.
Random person walks into the FFC through the door: "Hey guys, FF7 is a v- DADADADADA BAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THATREFRIGERATOR"BANNED
by sir snugalot February 29, 2008
FFC is a room full of pseudo-intellectuals, most of which are absolute fools and actually know nothing about the actual game. The people in FFC tend sit around and rant about pointless, idiotic, and generally pathetic things. Occasionally an intelligent person enters the room and shuts everyone down for awhile, once the intelligent person leaves, they all get back to rambling. I personally despise each and every person who has ever entered that room (exluding myself, of course). It isn't wise to associate yourself with the AOL garbage that inhabits that room.
Haha look at that moron, he's probably from the FFC room.
by Haha April 14, 2005
Fat fat cock. A pseudonym used in observation of a huge purple headed yogurt slinger concealed within.
Carl has a FFC which is plainly visible every time she wears yoga pants.
by Beardbounces September 26, 2015
A elite chatroon within AOL that pwns people and causes much disarray with newb scum who like to complain about the chatroom to there friends in places like wal-mart.
"FFC Roxxors your sockzors"
"CAP DOWN!!!!"
by Ragato February 9, 2005
Acronym for the Family Fun Center. Commonly used in Windsor, ON.
I'm heading to the FFC in half an hour.
by --mac November 15, 2007
Fuck Face Chris, any person who moves on on a girlfriend before the boyfriend has time to try to win her back. most ffc's strike in within 6 days of seperation.this is uncool and a total breaking of the rules of being a guy. the fc loses all rights ot a name and is for always refered as ffc. "hey guess what ffc did?"
"hey that guy just ffc'd you. or hey you look emotional and vunderable let me sooth your tears with my pretty face and big penis regardless of teh fact your boyfriend is a friend/aquantiance of mine.
that guy is a ffc. he just moved on on your ex with out your consent kick his ass!
by the guy rules April 20, 2005