Acronym for "FUCK EVERYONES LIFE". It is like FML"FUCK MY LIFE", but refers to all persons in a group or society as a whole.
Dude 1: Bro, Miley Cyrus just hit number one on the billboards.

Dude 2: FML, wait no... FEL, Fuck everyones life.
by Cdazzle Foshezie August 18, 2009
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The Fel (pronounced “Fell”) is a nickname for the combined area of East Feliciana and West Feliciana parishes in Louisiana, commonly referred to as “the Felicianas”. The Fel derives from West Feliciana High School’s popular slang nickname “West Fel High”. The Fel is considered part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area and is home to approximately 40,000 residents. While all other neighboring parishes of the capitol city have surged with population booms, East and West Feliciana have remained quiet rural areas. Many Baton Rouge residents own hunting camps or summer get away homes in The Fel’s rolling hills. The Fel has avoided criticism from Baton Rouge city dwellers over the years. While most outlying parishes are considered to be backwards and redneck, the Felicianas have maintained a southern elegance and sophisticated reputation with the people of the metropolis.
Livingston Parish Guy - Howdy ya'll! I'm from Denham Springs!

General Public - What the fuck? Where are your teeth?

Guy from The Fel - Hello, I'm from St. Francisville.

General Public - Damn, check the Armani suit.
by geauxtigers0909090909 May 22, 2009
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the Magic the warlocks use to drain life and summon Demons in the world of Warcraft
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Fel magic
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Fel magic
Associated Color(s)
Class(es) associated with it
Demon Hunters, Warlocks
Chaotic, Corrupting, Demonic, Destructive, Entropic, Fiery, Poisonous

The highly destructive fel magic is the magic of disorder. It is stated to be a brutal and extremely addictive energy fueled by drawing life from living beings.
by why is this not working November 29, 2017
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Term used to decribe bootleggers during 1930s prohibition who recycled the vomit of drunkards to make a cheap and slightly acidic alcoholic beverage. This process was outlawed after the outbreak BSV or Mad Vombo Disease that claimed the gall bladders of hundreds in New York State alone.
He aquires his booze from the fel on the corner with the gay midget boyfriend.
by The Funboy Assassin June 15, 2004
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It’s used to describe a person who is in a hard situation but acts is a very careless way.
He has an exam next week but he is fel-shallahat
by Kate.RB April 13, 2020
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"Yeah theres a boar over there...RUN"
"Dude, it was a freaking fel reaver"
by chalkninja1 November 09, 2008
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