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FDK which stands for Footy Dance Krew is an exclusive club for boys who enjoys dance genres such as hip-hop, classical, ball room dancing, crumping and salsa as well as dancing FDK members have to participate in the act of smashing heads on the footy field
eg) "hey breww wanna com play sum mad dogg footy out on da oval, then later on we will have a rehersal for our jazz routine" that is a common conversation a FDK member would partake in
by Greg Inglis August 03, 2009
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FDK is an acronym for 'fucking difficult kunt'. Its origins derived from frustration, is used to depict one who is of an annoying and wearisome nature.

Whilst FDK has a derogitive connotation and referenced in a slightly angered mannar, its intentional use is not to denigrate.

The appropriate context to apply FDK, is when the subject (i.e. the FDK) has no reason to be an FDK, but chooses to be an FDK, to spite his friends.

Also to note, FDK should only be used to describe males. The appropriate term for a female of a difficult nature is FFH. (click for a definition)
eg1. Its the holidays,
He's got plenty of doe to blow,
he likes drinkin up and pervin,
he's got nothing else better to do,

and yet when his friends call him out on a friday night to get pist and womenise, he declines! what an FDK

by Lung cat April 06, 2006
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FDK means Fucking Dirt Kid, Mostly people from watford ,ontario,canada are fdk's
Those Watford kids are fdk
by robbiet6 March 26, 2007
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means "Fat Dumb Kid". A child who has the qualities of being fat, pudgey, gellatinous, dough-like, and/or dumb, half retarded, cobweb-headed, or droolmonkeyish. A "FDK" usually sits at home on myspace and/or attempts to skateboard with his more thin,able-bodied friends. If you attempt to sit bare-assed upon a "FDK" (see chewbacca ass), you will most likely recieve a finger in the ass and/or your nutsack kissed forcibly due to the laws of gravity acting unfairly against the "FDK"
"He is the FDK of the group"

"What does that mean?"

"It means hes the Fat Dumb Kid"

"Well it fits..."
by Dylan Sanders April 15, 2008
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Bob:hey Pat are you gonna try to go out with Jennifer
Pat:Nahh she's FDK
by XXOG May 26, 2018
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Fuck Dese Kids- A term used by educators when they have had a tough day with students who seem to not give two fucks about their education.
The chorus teacher went to the band teacher everyday after school and said, “F.D.K.!”
by mus1ceducator April 03, 2019
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