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A famous dungareeze model who has stared in hit catalogues such as 'Mini Modern', and after being asked in a tense interveiw whether he prefers 'spots or stripes?' he nervously replied ' stripes.'
His signiture looks have ensured him a place in his girlfriends heart. They are assumed to be the new 'posh n bex' or 'Katie n peter' or 'brangelina' of 2011.
The paparazzi have been pretty bad recently, with people lurking outside the A-listers house.
He also has a signiture dance move, named the clappy clap
This 'dude' is also on the potential line up for Strictly Come Dancing 2011, as well as possible (shh) replacing a well known celeb as a judge on X-Factor...
He is also a chess champion.
Me: Wow, who's that 'hawtty' in Mini Bodern?
My friend: well, that's Dungoh. He's really something...
*both fall on floor laughing*
Both of us: NOTT!
When watching X factor:
Me: *faints*
On TV:
Dungoh-Rhyse Fayze: We-ell, you certainly are quite spiffing! One likes you!

Me: hahhahha
On strictly:
Dungoh: *Does the clappity clap then falls over like on the ice show.*
general public: Let's vote Dungoh! (sympathy vote)
*dungoh wins*
by specimin101 January 24, 2011
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