Frequently Asked Questions and those who asked a question in the FAQ may get attacked by zealous FAQ enforcers with a variety of methods including castration.

Seriously, read the FAQ before we hunt you down and castrate you!

And this to appease the bugged minimum message length.
by KrewL RaiN February 17, 2005
noun: a woman or man in possession of munter genes who spends as much of their time checking out FAQ listings.

noun: an ugly web site production manager with responsibilities for editing articles.
girl, you are SUCH a faq hag!

this web site kicks ass, thanks to that faq hag

jeez, i wish i was a faq hag
by All American March 16, 2004
1. A cleaner version of "What the F%@#?" Can be used in public places when being polite.

2. "What the F%$@?" is a frequently asked question, so it can be used in place of the more vulgar alternate. Also can be used when being ironic.
Person1: Whoa, look at the two-headed oragutan!
Person2: What the FAQ?
by xf0rg0tt3nx May 23, 2009
“Da faq” is a way of saying “the fuck”, while still sounding classy .
Today I told Daniela “Da faq” instead of “the fuck” at the cocktail party because I wanted to sound more sophisticated.
by Icanttingz January 6, 2020
A poster on an internet forum. You may know him from LUE, a board on GameFAQs, or a spinoff community, called LUELinks. He is known for having the "best rom site ever", but all it really is, is a crappy looking site which links to OTHER peoples ROMs. Hes a filthy bandwidth leech that couldn't even be bothered to pay for his own hosting.
Read the FAQ + butsekz = LUEshi lolz!11!
by You Kicked My Dog July 23, 2004
Another way of saying "what the fuck"
"wat" is pronounced like cat, bat, and so on.
"faq" is pronounced like fack

Basically, idiot, pre-pubescent children use this.
WAT DA FAQ MAN Y I DU DAT?@?@?#@#2/22211!?1/21

(The "I" is a missplessing of the abbreviated "you", or "u")
by Aman11292 December 24, 2007