Derived from the word fag, a faqs is a lame idiotic person who always makes a fool of himself. Faqs are charachtarised by small aspects of their appearance, such as crooked teeth, large ears and wear cheap clothes. They get very defensive when provoked, and use lame comebacks. They live in dumps and drive cars like Hyundai excels. They are loners and struggle to make friends, They end up getting teased, thrown stuff at, and bashed. They try to fit in with the other kids and hang around with them at lunch, but they end up getting pushed away from the group.

They are usually found hanging around the back of the school with kids 2 grades lower than their grade. You can see them hanging around Op Shops, Or the specials section at IGA where they stock up on heavily discounted Home Brand, Basics and Black and Gold products. Other places such as the Sunday Church sale is Gauranteed to give you some faqs.

Look at Celso, he's such a faqs
by Jack55 August 04, 2007
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1. a term frequently used by teenagers meaning fuck
2. Frequently asked questions
1. what the FAQ are you doing with my wife?!
2. get the frequently asked questions out of my house!
by Trey Calamity July 04, 2006
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a set of frequently asked questions and thier answers (initialism)
The FAQ page covers nearly every question asked.
by Light Joker June 05, 2005
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A "fag" that has gone beyond the state of being a fag. This is a super fag which annoys people, acts in a homosexual way, or is so full of himself that he morphs into something beyond a fag. The amount of sh*t and self confidence a person must possess to achieve this state is astronomical, but usually happens to high school jocks or celebrites. Examples....Kanye West, George Clooney, Lebron James, Chad Ocho Cinco.
Dude that stripper does not think you're hot. You're such a faq!
by ChrisCoolKatt May 12, 2010
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Seminal Kalamazoo Michigan based punk rock band. Originally named FA-Q (as in "Fah - Q" - get it?), the band recorded 5 records and toured extensively in the late 80's and early 90's.

Consequently, the name of the band precedes the new definition of FAQ to "Frequently Asked Questions".

They later renamed the acronym to mean "Foolish American Quartet".

The band consisted of Bob Klomparens, Jeff "Chonk" Yonker, Ron Muniz and Geoff Halsey
"Did you catch the bitching new album from FAQ?"
by The Real Chonk June 05, 2009
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(pronounced ‘fack’)

A walkthrough for a particular video-game or specific section of a particular video-game. Because of the long amount of time that it has been used in this fashion (its originations still lying in ‘Frequently Asked Questions’), it is now becoming appropiate to spell it in the lowercase and pronounce it(when used in this way) as ‘fack’(rather than ‘eff-ay-kyoo’). Just like the word (no longer an acronym in the truest sense) ‘milf’ doesn’t have to be spelled-out ‘MILF’ in all-capital letters--even though when it was still a new word it was.

Note that an ‘F.A.Q.’ as used in the traditional sense when pertaining to a list of ‘frequently-asked question’ or a variant of the like can be referred-to as simply ‘Q&As’ to help elminate the now-present small bit of ambiguity regarding the two kinds of ‘FAQs’\‘faqs’. Note also that you can be reading *a* faq (such as one for a videogame), but checking over *an* FAQ (such as a list of questions if you are confused about something), due to the difference in pronounciation between the two.

Plural form: faqs.
The top two websites for video-game faqs on my list are GameFAQs.com and IGN.com, with Neoseeker following closely behind.
by Victor Van Styn October 05, 2005
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