aka Fuckable First Year
noun, “oh look an F-squared”
adjective “ that guy is such an F-squared”
Applicable to six forms only, not a paedophilic term.
A term coined at Alton College, Hants to describe the surprising attractive ness of the new first years as compared to the lack of male talent in the second year.
One should note that surfer boy and Mc Fly Guy are perfect examples of this.
Person 1: OMG! Just look at those f-squareds over there!
Person 2:Yer your right! Now we're second years we can totally take advantage of them for our own means and sexual gratification!
Person 1: Score!
by Argos Gold February 16, 2005
Flirt Fighting. When two people (usually a guy and girl) fight each other. Although this seems to be a bad thing, the fighting is a hint that the two people actually like each other.
-Look at John and Megan fighting!

-F squared!
by marmosetboy March 27, 2010
Fucked and Filmed. The act of having sexual intercourse with somebody while your are filming it (with or without consent). Typically happens to intoxicated, unexpecting, easy college girls.
by RckyMntHigh December 15, 2006