Feel Like Dog Shit. A disease identified in 1988 by a guy they call JD from Rio Hondo, Texas. Symptoms include any or all of the following (and maybe more, as yet, undetermined):
Headache, Body Ache, Lethargy, Chills, Post Nasal Drip, Itchy/Scratchy Throat, Sinus Pain, Random Dental Pain, Neck Pain radiating up and around the temples, Ringing of the ears, Twitchy feet that keep you awake at nights. Halitosis, Eyes Sensitive to light. (research continues)
Joe: "Hey dude, you're not lookin so good today. Wassup?"

Moe: "Fukin F L D S got me by the cajones......(looking down, shaking head) ...fukin F L D S"....
by buzzardbait February 09, 2011
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Did you watch south park last night? Sooo funny i was r o f l!
by Ashley McLean October 15, 2007
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Fuck Your Life
with a thumbs up in the middle.

(Y) is the symbol for thumbs up on MSN Messenger.

this is an insult to someone with the add audacity of giving the person you're being a dick to a thumbs up.
(smiling whilst giving a thumbs up)

- Fuck Your Life Fag ! (Y)

- F(Y)L back at ya !
by mcgax February 21, 2010
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Short, slang term for "fuck my life."
I got a parking ticket, I failed my test, and my girl is cheating on me. F my l.
by alaur September 08, 2008
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