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An incredibly awesome song from Slipknot gauranteed to make your heart rate speed up and a sudden urge to destroy something. The third song on they're self/titled album "Slipknot".

Corey Taylor, lead vocals, talks about how his dad was gone most of his life which left him empty and hollow for a long period of time. Corey recently met his father for the first time somewhere between the release of Vol. 3: The subliminal verses.

"I am my fathers son because he's a phantom, a mystery, AND THAT LEAVES ME NOTHING!"

And the phrase
"You can't see california without Marlon Brando's eyes!"

Is actually taken from a fan. Yup, during a slipknot live performance a crazed fan was screaming "YOU CANT SEE CALIFORNIA WITHOUT MARLON BRANDOS EYES!!!" For a good remainder of the show. This was actually when they were doing touring with they're E.P. Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.
Dude check out this song, it's called eyeless. It's gauranteed to scatter your brains!
by Pain_killer13351 June 27, 2009
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