A person next to you who is eye fucking your phone, trying to read your texts.
Nephew was being an eye hawk all night. I think he knew I was texting his bitch.
by droe1021 May 21, 2019
An act in which a person (most commonly an old lady) who spends time peering out of a window spying on their neighbours or any other passer by. This can also be know as hawking. Whist in the act of "hawking" the hawk will believe they are invisible, however this is a common mistake as they can clearly be seen.
Oh look there is Hawk Eye spying again

Oh look their hawking again
by Elaine the pain February 16, 2021
When you moon someone and spread your butt cheeks.
He showed everyone his hawk eye.
by Alec January 20, 2005
someone constantly looks at you or stares at you.
"damn girl you hawk eye, stop lookin at me"
by jayy arr dot April 1, 2009