A charm that protects you from dementors
Me: Severus Help Me a dementor is trying to take my soul
by Severuslover19 August 28, 2020
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The spell a teenager over used. A simple spell that killed the great Lord Voldemort.
Harry Potter, "Expecto Patronum"
by Mrs. Malfoy September 6, 2022
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Ejaculating semen onto someone's eyes, thus blinding them with bright white fluid.
"Oh my god, I'm gonna... EXPECTO PATRONUM"
"Ahhh I can't see. Thanks daddy"
by lemonlicklick November 21, 2021
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Two meanings; In a polite way it means "Excuse Me." In an impolite way, it means, "GO AWAY"
by Joey DeLuca February 18, 2005
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Originating from the spell "expecto patronum", as used in the Harry Potter novels. Used by both wizards and witches to fend off Dementors with a white shield of positive energy.
I just thought of something: you and I are part penguin and part llama. However, you can only have one patronus. Which one of us would have which patronus?? Guess we'll have to expecto patronum it up when you get home.
by penguillamango December 15, 2010
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1 A spell in Harry Potter that scares away dementors, best used when you have a happy memory in your head
2 Not Joking. Expecto Patronum is a Latin word, and, can you guess what it is? In English it is, "I await a Guardian"
1: Harry: Expecto Patronum!

Ron: Wow, Harry, that was brilliant!
2: Jim: Expecto Patronum!
Latin Dude who knows English: You await a guardian?!(expecto patronum (actual translation))
Jim: WHATT???
Latin Dude: Expecto Patronum...oh harry potter..
Jim: i..await..a..guardian????....
by doodoodaequann April 8, 2019
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