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1. Famous spell from the movie "Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azakaban" which fends off Dementors with a white shield of positive energy when used by a young wizard.

2. A sexual ritual, typically practiced by those with a fetish for Harry Potter or those who are simply a fan of humor, that occurs during the climax of sexual intercourse, in which the male pulls out of his partner, screams "Expecto Patronum", and ejaculates on him. Based on several scenes in the movie "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban" in which young Potter fends off Dementors with a white shield of positive energy, where, symbollically, the male's penis represents a wand, the ejaculant represents the white shieldof positive energy, and the partner represents a dementor.

(Orginally conceived in Atlantic City on July 28th, 2006 in Pickles Deli/Restaurant)
"Oh...Oh...Yes...Oh...Wow...That feels so good... like that...YEAH...YEAH..YEAH.YEAH...Here it comes...oh...It's gonna be huge.." :::Male pulls out of partner during climax::: "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" :::Male ejaculates on partner:::
by Ross S. July 31, 2006
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1. The best way to fend off the soul sucking attacks of a ginger or red headed person. Similar to the Dementors of the "Harry Potter" series of books.
Ethan: I had my first kiss with Kayla last night... I feel kinda funny.

Joe: Well, she is a ginger so chances are you lost a part of your soul.

Ethan: What?! what can I do to prevent that?!

Joe: Use the Expecto Patronum spell, it repels all soul sucking entities such as Dementors and gingers.
by Grinth February 04, 2013
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Two meanings; In a polite way it means "Excuse Me." In an impolite way, it means, "GO AWAY"
by Joey DeLuca February 18, 2005
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