to leave someone or somethng out
i like to exclude gangsta people from my life
by loser_kid March 11, 2005
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The act of purposely leaving out someone you and your friend group hates, even though this person may think otherwise. Typically, this person performed an action or said something to cause their exclusion.
Damn, it was so much better without Jackie, I’m so glad we chose to exclude him.
by JpMorgan122334 January 13, 2019
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What you say when ever you inadvertently insult someone within earshot.
Urbandictionary readers are wankers. Present company excluded of course.
by arkanciscan October 6, 2011
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When the Trump’s campaign team should stop playing the political game by defending their boss’s false claim of fraudulent electoral voting in states where he is trailing his opponent and start admitting that more than half of the electorate had voted to fire the Commander in Cheat or Pinocchio-in-Chief.
As more mail-in ballots in the key battleground states confirm the trend that Biden is outperforming Trump, it’s politically childish or selfish for Trump’s allies and his campaign team to give him the false hope that he’d still win the election via frivolous lawsuits, when they’d tell him off “to embrace math, exclude myth.”
by MathPlus November 7, 2020
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i guy that ask u to check the buffers 24/7 and leave two seconds afther
excluded: go check the buffer
Panda990: No!
Evobot: the buffer need to be checked: 100min
by ogiba buddabi September 19, 2019
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To get permanently or temporarily banned from school
“Hey did you hear I’m excluded!”
“For pulling the fire alarm!”
by Jejenwnwbwn April 10, 2022
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Raging homo but loves playing minecraft but cant play minecraft cause hes banned LOL so instead he sits in minecraft discord screaming CHECK BUFFERS
Excluded screams check buffers but no on answers excluded gets mad at a random person in call
by Ssol Nosam September 23, 2020
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