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Exam week (n): The most stressful week known to students. Some rather large tests spawned from the deep fiery pits of hell. Teenagers tend to promise to study and prepare, but end up cramming the last night and crying themselves to sleep. If one fails the exam, it is known to pull the grade down, therefore causing an inhuman build up of stress.
Person: Hey did you study for Exam Week ?

Other person: What exa- oh no! *cries into fetal position*
by scrawberrymuffin January 22, 2012
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The most stressful week known to students. Especially when there are multiple exams in a single week and/or at least two exams in a single day, this can be stressful as students try to focus on one big topic and end up messing up on other exams due to the amount of stress and other topics being erased from their brain due to one exam.
Phone conversation between two siblings

Middle school sister: Guess what, I get to go to the Bahamas with friends and you're not invited! Ha-ha!

College brother: Could you please STFU!? I have an exam week and it's very stressful and all you are doing is to make it even more stressful. I rather be in Bahamas than to deal with this crap!!
by NHRHS2010 May 12, 2011
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