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The most bad ass outboard engine for small craft boats ever made. Evinrude is the sub company of BRP Canada. The newer models include the Evinrude "E-tec." These motors are simple and have less complicated parts that would otherwise potentially breakdown but have a rugged build; they still maintain incredible horsepower and performance.
Bob: "Hey what kind of outboard are you going to throw on the back of your Zodiac Hurricane Jim?"

Jim: " A fuckin' Evinrude 250 H.P. four stroke bitch! As a matter of fact, two of them."
by murphymarine April 24, 2011
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An Evinrude is when an individual, male or female, reaches directly behind them and strokes the penis of a another individual. The motion must closely mimic the movements one would use on the control shaft of an Evinrude outboard motor, most commonly found on a jonboat or similar craft.
Susie gave me an Evinrude while we were standing in line for a Plan B pill.
by Daddylongdick813 February 19, 2019
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