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probably gay.
the nicest dude you'll ever meet, honestly.
gives amazing advice and always knows what to say.
loves his friends and enjoys pissing people off.
if you get an axton, don't let him out of your sight, he will manage to come back with a damn penguin named margarita...
in a DMV.
But he's charming as hell, really. His mischief is cute, and mostly harmless.
he's hot, knows his boundaries, and he knows what he's doing.
Axton is so great, i can't wait to hang with him.
God, axton is so fucking hot.
by techno bitch August 14, 2017
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a small, rural town in southern Virginia. -has that has a few farms with tobacco, corn, wheat, etc growing.
home to some of the coolest people in the world
Axton has no stop lights, but it has a post office!
by Lily Q June 21, 2005
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The last name of a great musical talent.
Name of a family of songwriters, musicians, film stars and performers.
Hoyt Axton
Mae Boren Axton
Mark Axton
by Mark Axton March 04, 2004
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