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A term denoting beer which (a) is brewed in Europe and (b) resembles urine in taste. Such beer is in fact brewed to appeal to American tastes, and rarely drunk in Europe.

Any use of this term betrays the speaker's xenophobia and/or utter lack of knowledge of beer, as it is common knowledge that the Americans are responsible for many of the worst crimes against beer in human history. The idea of Americans trashing European beer as a whole is therefore a joke to American and European beer connisseurs alike.
Clueless American: *spits out drink violently* What the hell is this? Fucking europiss.
Bartender: Uh, that's Budweiser, sir.
by arec_barrwin November 19, 2011
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n: skunky beer that comes from Europe. may include Beck's, Heineken, and as of late.. Budweiser.
I drink Sam Adams, not that @#$%ing Europiss!
by Son of Bill Brasky July 18, 2008
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