meaning: and you too, Brutus?
to question a good friend's loyalty.
From Shakespeare's tragedy, Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar's last words when stabbed by his best friend, Brutus.
You... killed my... son! Why..? Et tu, Brute?
by Lulzinator January 20, 2008
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And you, Brutus? It's what Julius Ceasar asked his boy Brutus before he was killed by Brutus.
Jules: Hey senator why you looking at me with them crazy eyes?

Senator: you have grown to powerful Ceasar!

Jules: veritas? Et tu brute?

Brutus: sorry B you gots ta go!
by Needweed October 30, 2015
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And you also, Brutus.
Usually the last words of Ceasar when he saw his good buddy Brutus among his murderers. Can be used to express the feeling of being fucked over.
Man, everyone is sleeping with my girl... et tu, shaun!
by Weeg April 22, 2005
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Even you Brutus? Even you put a knife in my back?
Mass effect Andromeda happens
Fans of the series: Et tu,Brute?
by Et tu,brute? November 9, 2018
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An old Shakespearean term that came from Brutus, a loyal friend of Julius Caesar who were one of the people to stab him.

Modern day translation: it really be your own niggas
Me: Man, my best friend ratted on me saying I stole

Friend: et tu brute

Me: facts, it really be your own niggas
by Qweeeem March 23, 2019
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