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Esre (es-re) have two meanings:

1) In the Hebrew language, the numbers 11 to 19 are ending with the word "esre".
Like in English - eight-"teen", in Hebrew its "shmone-esre" (Shmone = 8, esre=teen).

2) "Esre" is a word that makes other words meanings more powerful!
Using "esre" is not easy.
You can add "esre" only to the last word in the sentence.
Use "esre" only when you feel like it or when it seems right. A word with too much syllables wont work with "esre" (Like "wonderful-esre").
"Esre" will make a verb's meaning weaker. The cause to that is that you can't "esre" someting (Like "walking-esre", or "walk-esre")
After a big laugh its only appropriate to say "esre" without adding it to any other word.
"Wow! That concert was amazing-esre!"
"Will you get off my nerves-esre?"
"So Esre!"
by The Omri March 02, 2011
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