The definition for when 2 guys have had intercourse the same girl.

Derived from a show called "The League". This was introduced by actor/comedian Jon Lajoie
"Dude, I had sex with Cindy last night!"
"Oh yeah... that's cool. I fucked her 2 weeks ago. That means we're Eskimo Brothers"
"What? We've been going out for months..."
"Hey bartender, let me get a free drink. We're eskimo brothers!"
by CeMsTa_1019 April 09, 2010
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When two people have both kissed the same person, therefore becoming bonded through saliva
"Dude you also kissed Bridget? We're eskimo brothers now!"
by the5families+tully September 23, 2018
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1.) Males who have had sexual relations with the same woman. 2.) A man and woman who have had sex with the same woman, when the woman in question is bi-sexual.

Origin: Because of the cold in the far north, Eskimo hospitality extends to sharing of beds and female companionship. A visitor is considered a brother.
Kevin is now dating my ex girlfriend, Heidi, I guess that makes us Eskimo Brothers
by TheChrisSimon November 06, 2009
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Persons who are specifically "sport fuckers", who have slept with the same people. Offering information, respect or at the least common grounds.
"there's a line at this bar"
"don't worry that guy's an eskimo brother"
by thisguyandstufflikethat April 27, 2012
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When two bros acknowledge having been intimate with the same girl in an online setting/ participated in a long distance online relationship with the same girl and remain on good terms.

Pronounced EE-skimo
This girl phone sexed both Sam and I last night, so I guess weโ€™re e-skimo brothers now
by Eezy243 June 08, 2019
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n. A male who has had sex with, and ejaculated inside of the same woman as a good friend. (not necessarily simultaneously)
I knew me and Jack were brothers for life, but when I found out he slept with Stacy we became Eskimo Brothers
by Chris240 October 30, 2009
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When two aquanted men sleep with the same girl in such a small window, that when the second man is having sex the girl rubs her stomach and the first mans crusty semen snows down on him ultimately making them Eskimo brothers.
Once the first flake fell I knew that we were Eskimo brothers bonded for life.
by Floyd.amf September 17, 2017
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