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A Venezuelan Colloquialism used by President Chavez and his party / supporters (the majority are the low income people whom live in the outskirts of the big cities and have traditionally been ignored by previous administrations) to denigrate people who oppose his Socialist government and or politics.
Los escualido (s) son responsables por las mentiras que dicen en la television sobre nuestros logros.
by Grey Alien February 07, 2010
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A vast majority of the venezuelan opposition, guilty of being so blind and self-centered that they don't realize the reality of things.

About the 90% of the venezuelan media.

Cubans exiles' wannabes. They pretend to be the next "balseros" (drifters) without the attitude and the cause, of course.
I don't care if you're right or not; you do as I say because I'm white, I'm educated and have lots of money. I'm Escualido!
by Chris March 11, 2005
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A President Chavez professional hater with no knowledge of his/her own country's history and blames the president for all the shit happening in his/her life. All of them suffer from various mental diseases like schizophrenia and delusion. Their leaders are meaningless, cowards and gay. They think themselves as the majority in Venezuela but (truth be told) they almost nothing. They want to be the next "balseros" in Miami.
See that mofo over there? he hates niggaz and poor people: he's a ESCUALIDO
by Chris March 11, 2005
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