A great first car for anyone (unless you are over 6'5" or +300lbs). It is small, light, and reliable (insanely reliable). Not to mention it will get over 20 MPG....running on only two cylinders (30+MPG when you have the spark plug wires on the correct cylinders). There aren't millions of buttons and controls to be distracted by while driving.
The engine in my Ford Escort was running really rough one day when idling. When I drove the 45 minutes home I found out that two vacuum lines had finally popped off after 11 years.
by Steevy_T October 18, 2011
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One who digs for burried treasure by inserting his penis inside his partners anus and prodding around. In addition, escorts often perform fellatio at such an alarming rate that it causes friction buildup capable of small fires.
If in need of a good pole smoking, call for a foot escort.
by Chief Goulet April 21, 2006
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A term for a transgendered person, commonly preoperative, paid by the hour for companionship, but usually for sex. Also known as a higher priced prostitute.
"I'm finally going to try it and find myself a transsexual escort"
by RobbiRacks.com September 19, 2017
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A hobbyist's detailed experience about an encounter with an escort that includes the escort's physical stats, services provided, and if the escort should be recommended. It do more harm than good for escorts in criminalized nations due to unregulation as review forums would dictate what determined an escort's rating based on their own abusive & unsafe standards and disregarded the hobbyist's rating. These reviews can be fake & harmful to an escort's reputation, or they can be explicit locker room talk with only side of the story since the escort themselves cannot comment on their own behalf.
The cheap, yet ambitious hobbyist, was determined to seek cheap & naive sugar babies, so he could write escort reviews to gain access to the review forum's extras that were enjoyed by paying exclusive members.
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Someone who believes the best automobile ever made is a pre 1999 ford escort van.Usually they will drive it to destruction , regularly tinkering with it to keep it on the road and clipping it on small bridges occasionally !
by Earnie the escort van March 27, 2013
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When someone is leading the way in some expensive ass drip
If you don’t know where to go just follow the Balenciaga escort
by Jezuz_b September 17, 2019
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