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The kind of boy with looks that will make you forget how to breathe,will make you laugh like no other, will make you feel like the lucky one if you were his girl, will love you with all his heart, will never mistreat you, will make the best love to you ever, will be the perfect boy you'll ever meet in your whole entire life, he'll make you need and want him every second of your life.
"I want to marry Ervin."
by ESMPZR September 22, 2008
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Ervin is a lover. He is loyal until the end. He believes in what is just and fair fighting for it when opportunities arise. His sweet spirit is caring but not apologetic. He lacks sympathy for stupidity and believes people get what they deserve. For him hard work will pay off, but staying motivated can be most of the task. He is athletic and can excel at any sport or physical activity. He loves innocence and feels the need to protect women and children. His has a soldiers heart, serve and protect. He makes others feel safe when He is around. He carries himself like a warrior, staying lean and fit. He is sexy and dresses to impress! He smells good and looks good. If you find an Ervin you will be hooked.
Girl1 : I think I found the man of my dreams! He would be a great husband and father. He is such a good guy , strong and sexy too.

Girl2: a guy like that is hard to find. He must be an Ervin.
by Chicky344 July 30, 2017
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The last name of Irish rebels who once upon time fought beside William Wallace.
"What are some of the families the fought with William Wallace?"
"The Ervin clan"
by Melody Diffenbach March 05, 2009
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The dude gives 0 fucks. Like seriously man! You try to vent but the dude will just put his hand on your face and push you the fuck aside. I mean, the guys a dick. One time, a girl at our school was going to confess her feelings to him and just when she was about to give him his gift, the fucking asshole grabbed it and threw it in the trash! THE TRASH!! The one next to the boys bathroom! Well at least he did one good thing, he made that girl a lesbian.
Ervin is a dick
by Bombvoyage August 17, 2018
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Ervin is a bitchy ass bitch who likes to stick his finger up guys butt holes
Stacy: Hey there’s Ervin

Taylor: he’s so gay
by Sjdnbejehdb May 21, 2018
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