A word developed on Long Island, New York (Copiague/Amityville area)in the mid 90's, used as an answer, or comeback to a question with a confusing, personal, or surprising answer... when the asker didn't really want to know the answer in the first place
David: That girl wanted me to tell you something..
Jason: What?
David: ERSHH!

Mary:We have off from school tomarrow.
Alexis: Really, why?
Mary: Ersh!
by Phoenix Nora February 6, 2009
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Background: Ak-Chin Indian Community and Maricopa, AZ. Definition: stupid, or retarded. Not agreeing with. To put down after someone makes a suggestion or comment.
Juan: Damn that girl is hot!!
Eric: Ersh, she's not.


Ed: Damn I look good after working out.
Jer: Ersh. . . . No you don't!!
by Big Lare January 6, 2005
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A term used to add emphasize approval or disapproval of something. Can be said quickly to express excitement, or slowly to express displeasure.
James: "Hey Derek, wanna catch a shitflick, then hit the Pink Pony?"
Derek: "ERSH! You bet the fuck I do James!"

- - - - - - - -

Derek: "Damn, what is that smell?"
Danya: "I just dropped a deuce in your bathroom"
Derek: "You asshole...errrshhhhh!"
by Webster March 31, 2003
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what you use when you have nothing better to say; a way of cutting people off; a nice way of saying "shit the fuck up!"
1. phill: arlette, what is going on in the movie?

by sarah, stela, and arlette November 12, 2006
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Humorous slang that can be used in place of "ew", "gross", "nasty", etc. Similarly, "ersh" or "ershy" can also be substituted to display disgust or displeasure with a person, object, idea, smell, etc.
Girl 1 "Did you see the new substitute teacher we're getting for tomorrow?"
Girl 2 "Yeah, he looks pretty ersh megersh... I wonder if he bathes...He looks pretty creepy too. Hopefully he doesn't hit on the girls in class."

Guy, "That's your boyfriend!"
Girl, "Ersh, whatever! That's sick!"
by xHellgirlx April 13, 2010
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1. Something Hunter Thompson says occasionally.
2. A word without meaning.
3. What you say when you have nothing else to say
4. cool.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 18, 2003
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