I walked over to my boyfriend and sat on his lap,
We both knew what was going to happen as I started to grind hard on his dick, I kissed him as he let out a small gentle moan. I could feel his boner pressing up against my pussy. His hand trailed up my skirt and slid inside my panties, I let out a little gasp. He shoved two fingers inside my wet, tight little pussy and fingered me hard.

"Harder" I whispered
He did so
I undid his pant buckle and freed his 9" cock.
"Suck baby"
I slide him in my mouth, sucking hard, down and up, down and up until he says
"Get on baby"
He lifts up my skirt and takes off my panties and I slide onto him, consuming his cock.
I moan louder and louder as I ride his dick faster and harder.
"Harder baby"
And I cum, long and hard....
by DatGayPerson July 9, 2020
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a story that can make people horny/ a story about past sex etc..
this is my erotic story
by natalia

when i was 14 i met the most amazing boy- johnny after just a week of knowing each other we started dating. He was so sweet to me. he was such a laugh and he would always tease me and call me pet names. i was constantly being complimented by him, he would call me beautiful and sexy, i was begging to fall in love!

Johnny was 16 and looked gorgeous! He was about 6ft and he had dark brown hair and sexy hazel eyes. Every time he kissed me would hold my waist and rest his hand on my ass. i loved the way he would suck on my lip as we were passionately snogging.

After we had been going out for 4 months, johnny would ask me for sex but i knew i wanted to take things slow. i adored johnny for not preasuring me and doing other sexual things i suggested.

one night, after we had been to the cinema, we were kissing in his car in the moonlit car park. he asked me if i would let him touch me. i agreed, although i was nervous. he held my hand and assured me it would be okay. he took off my jeans and panties and slowly rubbed my pussy whilst whispering in my ear and kissing my cheek. he held my breasts as he pushed his finger in and out of my dripping wet vagina. he squeezed my hand tight before i started to moan. ' uh uh. ooooh uh' i exclaimed. after 20 minutes of him pleasuring me, i wanted to return the favour.

i started slowly stroking his penis whilst he kissed my chest. he told me how good it felt and begged for more. i rubbed his hard cock until he cummed. as he drove me home i realised i was beggining to like being sexually pleasured.

the next morning, johnny came over to my house as my parents were out. he asked me if i wanted sex but i firmly told him no. then i stripped and told him to do the same. whilst he was unbuttoning his shirt i was getting so horny my pussy was already wet. once naked, i threw johnny on to my bed and began kissing his cock. i sucked hard until he told me to stop. i didnt understand what i had done wrong. johnny asked me to face the other direction so that we were in the 69 position. i was nervous but horny with excitment. as i licked his erect penis, johnny tounge fucked my cunt. i was moaning histerically and johnny was grunting as i traced letters on to the head of his cock with my tounge. johnny did the same to my clit, it felt so amazing i juice boxed all over his face whilst screaming with pleasure. johnny cummed all over my breasts and stomach. he licked all his cum off me and pushed me against the wall as we kissed for hours.

by the evening i was wanting more. we were watching 'the notebook' together when a sex scene clearly made johnny horny. he ripped off my clothes and pushed me against the kitchen counter were i lay naked as he stripped. i was so wet i flooding cum out of my vagina. johnny put a condom on and jumped onto the counter. i pushed him off but he told me to relax as he started to finger me. after 5 minutes of him pleasuring me, i held his waist and he slid his cock inside me. he held me tight as he rode me. soon after we began i was moaning and screaming his name. 'uh uh, oooh uh johnny!! give it to me uh uh baby, harder faster!' he moved his hips as hard and fast and fast as he could until we both cummed.

it was the most amazing night of my life
johnny- i love you
by hornybby1234566 July 30, 2009
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I see you sitting there reading this message with your cock in your hand. It's
starting to get hard and a little drop of pre-cum is glistning off the tip. I
can smell your hot man-crotch smell and it makes me wet! The pearly drop of
pre-cum has now started to ooze down the tip of your cock and you've touched it
with your hand as you jack off. I suddenly appear out of thin air between you
and your computer. You are a little shocked but pleased as you take in all of
my beauty. I whisper "relax, let me give you pleasure" into your ear and gently
nibble your neck. Your hand reaches up to my exposed pussy that's wet and hot.
Your finger touches my clit and I gasp in a shudder of extasy.. I'm so wet my
juice is dripping onto your hand as you gently move 2 fingers inside my cunt.
My hand reaches down and touches the next drop of pre-cum that is emerging from
your throbbing dick. MMMMMM I moan as I move away slowly.. I look at you with
your rock hard cock, sitting in your chair.
i read erotic stories all the fucking time
by dr.tran January 4, 2008
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