The erodation of the lungs, is a process that occurs from black market carts, or fake carts, when you use one of these carts, your lungs slowly start to build up Vitamin-E Acetate and as it builds up the molecular structure proceeds to seep and bounce, your lungs will soon collapse, and the structure will erode, sending you to the hospital. Usually, your fate will be decided on how many puffs you took.
Friend 1: Don't use the black market carts nigga!

Friend 2: *nigga takes hits and his lungs instantly collapse*

Friend 1: Shit, That niggas lungs had erodation at a fast point!
by Pro Stalion April 1, 2021
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Something extremely easy to love.

“Full of happiness”
As a name Erode is someone who lights up a room when they walk in. The best thing to happen to you.
I prayed for someone like Erode
by 100x over September 11, 2022
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When your about to watch porn and put any type of soothing material or liquid on your cock
-Where did Michael go?
- He went eroding
-No way, really?
-Yup I saw him take some sparkling water
by romanian turkey June 9, 2022
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When the wind gusts are so strong that they blow your finger into the power button of your computer while in your basement.
"Man that storm was so crazy last night that it made me Erod 🌪 my computer"
by Big Baby Dipes March 27, 2021
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