The kindest people are born on this day

June 21st is the day where the most kindhearted, funny and generous people are born. If you are born on June 21 you are special

Let's of course not forget that people born on this day are sexy in their own way
Nick:Bro your sister is so kind
Theodore: well she was born on June 21st... :)
by Butterflycutie67 October 28, 2019
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Dora: Hey today’s June 21st
Dylan: So what?
Dora: It’s give a girl ur hoodie day!!
Dylan: OMG here’s a hoodie
by KoolKid4Lyfe October 18, 2019
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The day dedicated to the internet site
"Hey Cory, you know what day is today?"

"Of course, it's June 21st ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
by Sidra_main July 22, 2020
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Emma is short day. Any emma you know you can call short on the shortest day of the year
“Hey emma, you’re short”
Shut up Thomas
“That’s on September 1st , today is emma short day because June 21st is the shortest day of the year”
by Damn why is every name taken September 1, 2020
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The day when a girl must fuck the one guy they always said “it’ll happen one day” about.
Yooo it’s June 21st which means I gotta go blow my friend I’ve been joking about for a while.
by @joey_mlb June 15, 2020
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June 21st is the best day of all time. It is the start of week one, and should be celebrated worldwide. This day is the celebration of when Jorge Garay and Benji Krol first met, and it is basically a national holiday. To celebrate listen to "using you" by mars argo or "bubblegum" by clairo.
Person one: is it june 21st
Person two: yeah, omg that means it's week one
Person one: stan benjey
by daisykrol June 11, 2020
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The day a rlly nice boy was born, he’s so sweet caring and loving, if you meet someone that was born on this day you will want to be with them till the day you die. T+A Cancers and Scorpios are they best live signs <3
when’s you’re birthday? June 21st why? No wayy!! i love you already!!
by i love you so much May 30, 2021
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