<e-RECK-shun RAY-shee-OH>

This is a definitive measurement of a man's penis growth potential, or PGP. In the slang world there are two types of penises--growers and showers. Growers are men with penises that are comparably small when not erected, but grow significantly when aroused. Showers are men with penises that are long when not erected, but do not gain very much length when aroused, giving them the appearance of "showing off" when not in use. The Erection Ratio comes into use here. Whereas before there was two types of penises that were loosely defined, we now have a way of roughly determining whether or not someone is a grower or a shower. The Erection Ratio is the ratio of the erect penis to the inerect penis, expressed like 4:1 or 2.5:1. A grower is someone whose ratio is 1.7:1 or higher; a shower is someone with a ratio less than 1.7:1 (but not less than 1:1 or your penis shrinks when you get an erection!).
What is my erection ratio? 35:1. Or in other words, my penis is 35 times longer when erect than when inerect. That makes me a hardcore grower.
by Jesus Fuckendoucher October 4, 2011
The comparison in length of one's erect penis to their non-erect penis. Expressed the same as mathematic ratios (i.e. 4:1 or 4 to 1).
Hey Roberto, my wife says my erection ratio of 2 to 1 just doesn't satisfy her needs.
by Gary Coleman IV April 10, 2008