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A innner city area in Birmingham. Full of fuckin terrorists. Got loads of IRA, Al Queda and SWP soliders. Got its goths who graft 666 on the church and the KEVS that graft penis drawings on the pavement and the politcal students who graft 'IRA or SWP cannot be beaten'
yo gonnin down Erdington
by Alex Murphy December 09, 2005
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Erdington is a area in Birmingham.Erdington Aka Erdz (B23), is the most well know area in brum. Erdz produces the best rappers and are winning in beef. They also have the funniest nitties. Also they have the waviest people who make hella bandz. Lindhurst, Wyley Birch and TopCroft are common in Erdz.They Beef B21 , B18 , B16 , B5 and Bandits. They are calm with the rest but mostly B6, B7 and B19 especially. Erdz has the best food and best sky juice. If ur feelin a bit peckish go to Grubz or Andy's Takeaway. They'll pattern man up. #B23
Did u see the fuckery that happened in Erdington the other day?
by PyrexWhippa23 January 16, 2019
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