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The scientific study of all things EPIC measured by epicosity. Often used to describe events involving someone getting pwned, pwnd, qwnt, pwn3ed or otherwise owned.
1. I am taking Epicology this semester, we will study the Tony Hawk 900, Everything Super Smash Brothers, DVD rewinder's, All Spider-man Movies, and people getting killed in an over zealous and hilarious way.

2. The fact that you did 9 full somersaults in mid-air after getting hit by a car doing 90mph and that you landed on your hands flawlessly pulling off a handstand for 10 seconds afterwards is truly a study in Epicology.

3. Sean Connery is a 5 Chapter minimum in any standard Epicology book.
by Kyle Browning October 22, 2007
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the study of epicness. anything epic is studied in this science. Also, I wish there were a school course Epicology. Its the best science. :)
Hay! that show was epic! I wonder if they study it in epicology.
by Popsiesnukums July 10, 2011
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a branch of knowledge that deals with the epic and it's processes
Matt: How can I become more than just epic at planking?

Raul: Matt, what you need to do is study the many epicologies.
by EpicDrNick May 18, 2011
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