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An extra good Mullen / party

...and also a private family brewery in UK who make AK Original beer - amongst many.
"That party last night was a Mullen - let's have another but make it a McMullen!"
by The Mama with the Quan December 4, 2007
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Someone who might appear cold or private initially - who is actually a kind and jolly soul underneath - just initially sensitive to surroundings.
It's not only a hot toddy that gives a warm heart - you either have it or you don't.
by The Mama with the Quan December 4, 2007
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The glorious feeling when you don't have paranoia or give a shit anymore about insults hurled at you and you also realize in hope that insults from a friend mean a mate who you could regain trust with having lost it in the early stages of paranoia.

It is also a salute your mutual ally in the field for making it over the line with no signs of post traumatic stress disorder.
"Shall we drink The Wine of Angels"

"fo sure - and happy days!"
by The Mama with the Quan December 6, 2007
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The inner calm that comes from understanding and peace with the self.
We're all such pointlessly competitive tits and shits sometimes, but I've regained my Ephesians so am a happy bunny.
by The Mama with the Quan January 9, 2008
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The bubble of existence between post noob-ness, post intense newbie-ness, and during the limbo of decision-making about what motorway of life one wants to go down.
I'm comfy in buddhaville - in fact I might stay in this limbo forever then no-one can exactly know what to expect.
by The Mama with the Quan November 24, 2007
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When a guy makes that first move on the dance-floor in hope of action in the bedroom.

A Waist Pull won't give the impression he's gonna be an arsehole and treat her like a piece of shit...

A Shoulder Pull ie putting arms on top of the shoulders is the contrary - this tells a woman you are definitely going to be a hard cookie to crumble and a less sensitive soul for that night and thereafter - if.

A Shoulder Pull does however suggest the sex might be dangerously fantastic together though.. that's for sure.
His Shoulder Pull scared me and caused all this hassle."

Next time - try the Waist Pull.
by The Mama with the Quan December 9, 2007
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"warm on the inside"

Not necessarily a fluid form of warm, just an emotional one - like when a smile crawls onto your face and you end up beaming.
I'm feeling all woti as a groovy thing was just said to me
by The Mama with the Quan November 24, 2007
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