The annoying-but-also-friendly types. They might become hard to bear at times but will eventually calm down and become one of the nicest people.
Person 1: Dude he was yelling at us before but now he’s nice all of a sudden

Person 2: Must be an Enu
by Gakkaki December 17, 2019
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Im Enu, im 18 years old and im on discord all day looking for egirls that i could fuck with. My dick is 10inches and its the fattest ive seen so far. One time i tried sucking my own dick for fun. I send girls dick pics and have their names written on it because im theirs. I ask females for pictures because i would like to leak them for fun. At this point its all getting boring and dont know what to do, i believe i could quit and get a job instead of being around stuck in a unknown abandoned area.
enu quit hvh and he likes little girls
by SIXTH ENCOUNTER December 29, 2022
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a little wiener who gets in your space and smiles way too much.
i punched that enus in the nads for trying to hug me.
by big jon cannon January 17, 2005
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Enu is a danish term that defines something that hasn't happened yet. In english enu means yet. The term enu was first discovered and used in 2019. The first person to use the word was Jakob Smith the ingenious dane who also created the term.
Oh dear, that didn't happen enu.


Oh dear, that didn't happen yet.
by RandomDane July 8, 2019
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A kid who likes to flex money on a kids game called roblox and calls himself top exploiter. and is disabled prob cause someone hit him on the head or he's mom fell down the stairs in the middle of birth of him
by TEOOOOO October 7, 2020
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She is the firlting queen. She is very funny and the sexy in the squad, but she doesn't know it yet. She is always thinking that why she dont have any admirers of her's, but only her frnds does... But she don't know that she has more admires of her! Its just that they are afraid to confess to her.
Person1- Damn! She is so hot and funny at the same time! Just like my type!
Person 2- yeah right? She is definitely an enu!
by -choi nins~ November 24, 2021
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