a romantic or sexual relationship between two people, especially one that is outside marriage; affair
Jada had an entanglement with August.
by micka251 July 10, 2020
What you call an affair when you're trying to soften the blow.
"As time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August,” she Smith) said, confirming rumors of the affair."
by CeriD July 11, 2020
Used to describe a relationship that one accidentally on purpose finds themself in. The person was unable to abandon the relationship for fear of other ties: religious, marital, sexual or friendship.
Jada P. Smith states that she was in an entanglement with August Alsina. She refused to admit she was in a relationship with him. We now call her Jada Hendrix.
by misshautemess July 10, 2020
When an older woman seeks to find a younger mate all while taking a break from her husband. Calling in entanglement allows her not to call it cheating later.
Jada pinkett Smith admits to 'entanglement' with August Alsina on red table talk.
by TheArtOfWords July 10, 2020
Word used by a partner when romantically involved with another individual while on break with their real partner.
I'm not in a relationship with Jane doe, we just have an entanglement.
by Dave_scr1pt July 11, 2020
Jada is that dumb bitch who had an “entanglement” with a dumber bitch
by YellowBunny July 15, 2020
A new type of relationship discovered by Jada Smith.
Jada "I was in an entanglement with him"
Will ,with red eyes, "you mean a relationship" sweats nervously.
by botdan69 July 11, 2020