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Ensley is that one person that will make you feel special even if you are just one in the crowd. She is able to make you smile in any situation just by smiling. She will be your best friend she might make fun of because of who you like but she will always be there for you through thick and thin. She is the best person to be around. When she is at school she is the calmest person there but at home she's a psychopath. You could be her complete opposite but she will still be your best friend for life
Ensley will always be my best friend.
by Thegirlaudrey September 27, 2017
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A great person who is usually cute but can be quite violent, but is still sweet as freaking anything. Screw cupcakes she is over nine thousand when it comes to them and their sweetness.
Ensley is a great sister is positively every way.
by IamAMAZINGLYsmrt May 09, 2018
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A gay boy or girl that enjoys the fact they fuck infants at Nightime
Ew your such an Ensley
by Ensley May 31, 2018
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