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The lower end of a female's back where you place your beverage or remote when having doggy-style sex.
It was taking so long I could have played monopoly on her endtable.
by erbilohcan June 02, 2018
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A great sinister trick to pull on that special someone. First, position her on all fours in the middle of a large room or any other open area in her house. Proceed to bang away for a little bit so she doesn't get wise to your game. Then, when the time is right, you carefully reach back and grab that perfectly hidden can of open paint you stashed beforehand. Place it directly on the center of her back and pull out. Finish her off by jerking one off in her eye and sit back and watch her squirm as she tries to figure out how the hell to get up with out spilling the can of paint. Put on your clothes and proudly go home knowing you may have failed shop class in high school, but tonight you made the perfect end table.
The above is the example
by MC Menses December 02, 2004
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